Tinder Plus Hack – Rewind and Passport


Good news to all singles out there! You can now enjoy Tinder premium features with Tinder Plus Hack Rewind and Passport. This tool is for all iOS and Android users. Tinder is one of the most widely used app in the whole world. Why? Basically because people of this new era is finding it hard to find a match, a date, or a special someone. How much more a partner in life. With such occurrence, IAC (its developer) made a brilliant move by having such app that will allow users to find their match in a much easier way. And around four years later, the company is now enjoying the fruits of their labor. They are one of the highest grossing developer because of Tinder processing over one billion swipes per day, producing about twelve million matches per day.

In relation to the said app, here comes Tinder Plus Hack Rewind and Passport. If you are familiar with the app already, then proceed with with download link below. However for those who are not, then you need to read this part right here. Tinder is relatively a free app. If this was a game this would be categorized as free-to-play, but since it isn’t, this can easily be called freemium. When we talk about such term, it is basically a free to download application but it also entails a certain limitation. Limitations that are imposed in order for the users to buy or subscribe to a premium service — the so called Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus users will get to enjoy the unlimited swipe and rewind button. Where if they missed someone who they might have a potential level of attraction, they can simply swipe back, hence, the term rewind. Another core feature of the premium users is the passport. What it does is that it allows users to change their location in order find a match in a location other than his or her locality.


Free Tinder users will not have the features mentioned above. That is why, most people resort to Tinder Plus Hack Rewind and Passport. Using this exploit will allow its users to enjoy the premium features of the application both on Android and iOS giving them access to Rewind and Passport without them having to pay for anything. How is that possible? Well, the developers have a breakthrough discovery about a program flaw in Tinder, thus allowing them to modify certain files to let users enjoy premium features without spending.

Tinder Plus Hack Rewind and Passport Features:

  • Easy to use with user-friendly interface
  • No download or installation needed
  • It works both on Android and iOS smartphones
  • Safe and guaranteed free from antivirus
  • Enables users to use rewind and passport

If you want to try the tool, you can do so by simply clicking on the link below. This will take you to the page in which you can access Tinder Plus Hack.