Tinder Review

Today I’m actually going to be doing a review on an app. I believe you can get this app on any platform iphone, android and I’m just going to give you the pros and cons about it from my personal experience of when I used it.

So the app we will be reviewing today is called Tinder this is a dating app that finds people based on your location. The way the app works is that it links to your facebook profile. So it pulls information like your name, your age, location. you can write a little bio about yourself and you can choose whichever photos you want and the way you can find other people, is that in your settings you can choose from one age to another so you can see anyone from 20 to 25 and then also the distance from you.

So you can choose people as close as five miles away to you and as far as a hundred miles away when you’re browsing through other people’s profiles you have an option of clicking basically yes or no yes that you’re interested in the person and you know that you were not. The only information that you can see on other people’s profiles are again their name age, their pictures and whatever they write about themselves in their bio.

If you say yes to someone and that person says yes back to you then you are linked and you are considered a match and from here you can start talking. there’s a whole separate tab that keeps track of all the messages that you’ve had with people in any conversations and from there you can do what you like. ASK for their phone number their Integra profile oh whatever the hell you want there’s a night like this dating app is because it finds people based on your location which is very convenient if you’re looking for someone local to you.

Some people really aren’t looking for long-distance relationships or to travel too far to go on a date or something like that so the fact that you can choose her I want to see people that are 10 miles away from me that’s a that’s a great option.

I also like that it links it to your face book profile on your actual face book shows no evidence that you use the app it doesn’t say anything that you’re on tender it just privately links it. so that it just pulls your information through that I like this is because then you know that the person actually has a face book profile so therefore the more than likely not like a catfish or think person if you went through the trouble of actually having a face book and making a face book with all these pictures up on the instrument for real.

Also on a person’s profile since it is linked to the face book you can see mutual friends or mutual interest which again is another nice thing because then you know that this person is probably really not a catfish because you have friends in common. I also like that you can choose age because a lot of on a lot of these dating apps there’s a lot of young people so for someone who’s looking for a little bit older and that’s very convenient one of the negative things that I can say is that the whole idea of the dating app is kind of messed up in a way.

You’re basically saying yes or no to a person based on their appearance yeah there’s a short little section for bio I’ll tell you what’s in mind all it says is my name, my age that I live in Long Island and a link to my Instagram profile. if you’re going to sit here and tell me that the reason you said yesterday was because of my vile I’m obviously not going to believe you the reason you said yes or no to me is based on the pictures that are provided for you little messed up everything about it.

I guess I could see where it’s going because physical attraction I do think it’s very important in a relationship for some people that matter is more to them than it does to others but it’s great that it’s an option the last- that I can think of is that even though we put ham female and I’m only looking for other females it still shows men. it gets annoying after awhile because we’re sitting there swiping yes or no yes or no and you get about $MONEY for every 10 profiles you see about 4 or 5 of them are men so it’s like a 50-50 shot.

It does get annoying because you really don’t want to be looking at those if you’re only looking for a woman or if you’re only looking for men there are going to be some girls that show up. so it does get a little messy there I’m not sure if that’s something that’s going to be fixing the future for the app. but that is one negative that does bother me the most.

You do have to be 18 and older to use this app on I mean I guess if you want to cheat and change your age on facebook and not tell anyone but put you’re actually in your bio or something or tell someone you realize when your real age when you get matched up.

But just like you know you actually make a profile you have to be 18. Another great thing about this episode it is free. did a little bit more in-depth research for this app according to this article that I read since the acted launched a year ago people have Swiper to each other 13 billion times, 3 million times in August alone and two million matches happen each day that’s a lot. according to tender over 100 million matches have been made since its launch including 15 marriage proposals of marriage proposal part doesn’t seem too impressive but that’s a lot of matches.

Basically to sum up this entire app you see someone’s picture you see their name their age how far they are from you and miles and you say hey I think you’re fucking hot. yes yeah not really into know, I know I do get a lot of messages from you guys asking how to meet people because you don’t think there’s anyone that lives around here that is gay or bisexual and so on.

So they can act like this that does go based on location would be great for you hope you guys enjoyed reading. Peace

The Secret to True Confidence – What NOT to Say on Tinder

The best way to meet women is actually go out and meet women. But what if you wanna pick up girls while you’re taking a shit? If you have a Smartphone and a thumb then Tinder is your solution. This is how it works. Would I bang? Yes. No. Yes. Definitely not. Like anything else, there’s a tested sign to Tinder’s success.

By now, you’ve got a few matches, now what? Talk to her. Before I tell you how to talk to her, I have to show you how not to talk to her. We asked our friend Kelly to set up a new Tinder account and screenshot the messages she got. Why do we do this? Because we wanted you to see real messages from real people so you know exactly what to avoid.

In less than 24 hours of Tindering, she got over 600 messages from men. Let that really sink in. Every cute girl you’re talking to is getting bombarded with messages. We broke down the messages she got into three categories. The Generic Compliments, the Dull Openers and the Not So bad. Eighteen percent of messages were just generic compliments.

Things like, “Wow, I must say, you’re beautiful.” “You’re absolutely gorgeous.” “Hope you don’t offence of me thinking you’re adorable.” Oh, here’s a good one. “You look very hot in your pics.” While this might work in real life, it doesn’t really work online because everyone’s doing it. Fifty-two percent of messages were just boring as shit. Things like, “How you doing, hi, hey, how are you, hello, hey, smiley face,” “Hey, hey, what’s up, love?, how’s your week going? Hi there”. Why would anyone wanna reply to that? And eight percent were so bad that I just have to show you some of them.

I don’t know why a lot of guys do this. But they pretend like they have never been on Tinder before and they’re so naive. They say things like “Hi, wow, so this Tinder thingy actually works? Just joined. Tinder virgin here”. “I’m new to this Tinder thing. How’s it going?” Oh, and this one’s good. “I truly don’t mean to sound rude or in any way disrespectful by saying this, but I honestly think you’re really pretty. You have extremely nice hair and your smile truly boosts up your attractiveness. Again, I mean no disrespect. I’m just simply acknowledging your beauty.” And then there was a very small minority of messages that weren’t so bad. I’m gonna teach you how to be better than those guys.

Remember, being unique is important. So here’s what you should do to avoid being like most of these guys. This is the name method. Simply write her name with an exclamation mark. Our friend Sean came up with this one. It’s super effective especially if she doesn’t have a detailed bio or a ton of photos to comment on. Now this is the best way to do it. If you want some more specific info, you’re gonna have to open up her bio and actually read it. This girl listed a different place that she’s lived and also one of her favourite sports is hockey. Watch how I use this information.

Here, I use information from her bio to create a unique opener about hockey. And sure, a bit of my sense of humour, and then I threw in a dick joke for good measure. In this case, I noticed her Halloween costume. Remember, don’t filter yourself. Subtle hints of sexuality, keep it fun, and opens a door for her to flirt right back as she did here And lastly, my favourite. Role-play. Talking to strangers is supposed to be fun. So try this out. Role-playing is great because she can also play along. It becomes easy to text as both of you play out this ridiculous scenario. This is just one example.

Pretend like you’ve known her for ages. And she’ll open up as if you have. If you’re having fun, she’ll have fun. Once you’ve flirted back and forth, transition into getting her number. You might be thinking, why should I do this? We’re already chatting on Tinder. Well, once you get her phone number, you actually become real in her mind. You’re separating yourself from every other guys she’s talking to on Tinder. And when you do that, she’s way more likely to commit to a date.

Once you’re in her phone as a contact, you’re no longer “that guy from Tinder.” You’re a potential date. Once you’ve made it this far, treat her like a girl you just met off the street. Meet up with her, take her out, go have fun, you earned it.